dealing with this internet stuff

A few things I have learnt about the internet. I’m one of those technologically inept people – computers literally crash at the sight of me so you may be interested to see what tips and ideas helped me to bond a little with the online world.

It’s growing.If you’re not yet convinced by just how fast paced, crazy and addictive the internet is click here. Whether those numbers are real or demonstrative it  makes you realise how huge this thing is we’re dealing with. It’s happening and growing fast. Watch a Twitterfall during a hot topic and try and keep up with it all. P1100258

It’s important to accept that the internet has changed things.The internet is all about thinking in new ways, not getting bogged down in the old way of thinking.

You can join in! An interesting point was made in the lecture that I hadn’t thought about yet, that people are now also interested in the raw process of producing a piece and not just the polished final version. Because they can, people like to be involved and this is why media organisations are trying to include the audience as much as possible, in an attempt to crack the internet nut that no one can quite get into yet. Check out the BBC digital Revolution which is transparently showing its online working process. I think this is a really interesting idea, it’s great to include the audience to such an extent, the public have a lot to offer creatively.

What a hash tag is (I’m such a twitter virgin) If you’re a journalist it seems that these handy internet tools are the only way to go. I for one vowed never to get involved with this twitter malarky, I despised the egotistical facebook status how it was, it’s nice to have the odd update don’t get me wrong (we’ve all got a bit of stalker in us!) but 20 second updates on what your dinner’s going to be, what it was like and how full you are – now this is all too much information. However, after being at Cardiff Journalism School for about a day I realised I had to get involved, and as the nice BBC woman pointed out there’s many a reason to get involved if you’re a journo, wannabe or anything in between as social tools such as twitter, all its branches (twitterfall,tweepml,twittergrader,twitscoop) RSS feeds and all that stuff do all sorts of magical things if you grasp them in both hands and get into this digital revolution thing.P1100260

*Note-  everything we’re learning in our online module is very twittercentric.  It will be interesting to see if it really is going to be as big a deal as it’s being made out to be

You might as well embrace it – if you don’t good luck (aimed at journalist type people). What I’ve been learning is that the internet is easy to get overwhelmed and scared by. Even our 80s generation that grew up alongside the mobile phone and the laptop are struggling to grasp what exactly is beyond our safe little facebook knowledge. On this journalism course we’ve been bombarded by all sorts of internet gadgets: AggregatorsRSSfeedsGooglemailmapsrefinedsearchesTwitterTwitterfalltwitscooptweetdeckflickrbloguponbloguponblog

P1100267Conclusion? There isn’t one.

All I know is that I am the proud owner of a ridiculous amount of online accounts, my inboxes are bombarded, I’m spending a bit too much time staring at this screen, back is slowly hunching over and I have way too much info than I can ever hope to process through my little brain.

No one knows where any of this is heading, we’re all just being flung into this Internet beast thing that is eating away at our frail little print world. We’re all just trying to survive (we = journalists)

One thing we do know is that this digital revolution is here to stay, the internet aint getting any smaller so we may as well hop on board!



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