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iPad: the beginning of the end of magazines?

Just another iPad blog post….

Does the new iPad spell the decline of print magazines? Experts seem to think it will change the face of the magazine industry….

The new Apple baby: the iPad was unveiled on 27th Jan 2010. With Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive showing the world how newspapers and magazines can be viewed in a new way online. After completely rewriting the way we use and buy our music, Apple is ready for the print industry. A few publications have already made apps such as The New York Times, with many  others expected to follow shortly.

Hello you! The new addition to the Ipod family. Source: ben30/2866006814/

But will the iPad manage to make a dent in the techno world- will people bother with it? People are indeed going gadget crazy, there is not a day that goes by without another friend joining the Blackberry/iPod crew. I on the other hand am a bit of a granny when it comes to flashy things, pretty content with my robust, old school Nokia – no need for any internet in my pocket, therefore I’m not exactly the best person to judge the appeal/success of the new mini computer. From where I’m standing it seems like there’s just no place for another gadget when everyone already has a swanky internet phone – but what do the others think?

iPad:big fuss?

Well, a Gizmodo blogger was not a fan of the new Pad, similarly  CrunchGear didn’t seem too enthralled, ‘Greg’ from the tech website said “As a developer, I’m excited about it. As a consumer, not so much.”  Many agreed it was yet another thing to lug around. Others were concerned about the price. Charlie Brooker from The Guardian rightly said “The iPad falls between two stools – not quite a laptop, not quite a smartphone.”

On the other hand, many believe it will revolutionize the world of magazines…

The iPad and the future: magazine design

Cliff Kuang at talks positively about the iPad. This is in response to Luke Hayman‘s five ways the iPad will change magazine design. Hayman is the designer behind Time and New York‘s recent redesigns and thinks people will read more publications on e-reader than they do online. This he reckons will see the mag industry boom, there will be a huge shift to online leading to a greater demand for flashy storytelling devices.

“In other words, magazine editors–who’ve been fearing for their jobs lately–haven’t been this excited since they lost their virginity.” says Kuang, he underlines the importance of keeping up with these rapid leaps in technology – new skills need to be learnt fast.

So what would an e-magazine look like? Check out the futuristic Sports Illustrated…

For another example check out Tennishead magazine.

It seems the iPad will no doubt encourage more magazines to become ever more flashy and interactive for the reader as they expand online, but just how dramatic the changes will be is difficult to predict. Will we ever really completely replace the feel, smell and luxury of a printed glossy? I truly hope not, I cannot bear the thought of a life completely lived online, I enjoy turning the pages of a magazine, peeling off a perfume sample and cutting out that dress you want, indulging in a meaty feature. Surely the survival of the book provides a bit of hope for the continuation of the printed magazine.

Oh print! How I love you so..

Online does bring the page alive in ways print cannot through video, audio and reader interaction. It is undoubtedly the way we are moving in the techo obsessed world, let’s just hope it doesn’t compromise the print world completely. One things for sure though, with all these crazy new inventions this certainly is an exciting time for the magazine industry and I’m excited to join in the action.


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