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There’s a party at my blog ….

In this day and age, with the mass of  user-generated content and websites fighting for space on the web, attracting advertisers ain’t no party, it’s a competitive sport. It’s the busiest sites that succeed online because they get lots of visitors – which if you get enough, eventually converts into dollar.

Our business based lecture last week taught us just how we can get our little blog to survive and thrive out there. We can apply many strategies to get people flocking to our sites involving social online schmoozing, such as linking your work to others and keeping as up to date on all the online stuff that’s going on.

Make your blog go off with a bang

Online socialite

Getting lots of hits (online) is kind of like organising a party. If you want people to come, you need to get more people involved. The further word spreads, the more likely it is guests will turn up.  If you don’t sent out any invites and just expect flocks of people to magically turn up at your door  step – good luck buddy. Getting people to your blog is a similar ball game. We have been encouraged by Adam Tinworth to get out there and be the social slag of the online world. Mingle with people on networking sites, leave comments on other’s blogs, link lots to other sites, make regular tweets about your everyday thoughts on politics, Cheryl Cole or whatever, just remember, If you want to  entice people to your little blog, you need to socialise by building online relationships, join in

P1100414conversations and show off your human side – you certainly don’t want to appear as the party pooper, a cold-hearted, story driven journalist.

Oh and also don’t be offensive in your online socialising, make sure you know when to draw the line.

I admit I’m no expert – I’m merely young journo. But I have held a lot of parties and all this advice comes from savvy blogging expert (Tinworth). If you want your blog to be successful (he says), you need to work hard to get people interested.

Optimise your party numbers

Of course a vital way to get people through your digital door is to be easy to find. In the blogging world this means lots of key words (SEO if you don’t know). You need to find words that are going to be picked up easily by the cool kid (Google) and be ranked as the no.1 place to be. How? This can be achieved in various ways, from subtle repetition of key words, to creating a relevant, evident headline to name dropping…imagine if you managed to squeeze in a few X-Factor contestants to the blog party post for example (if you can find a link of course)…Lots of people in the UK right now will be avidly searching these names, increasing your chances of being found.

Be interesting

Likewise, you need to make sure it (party and blog) are interesting and fun enough to keep people there and not wander off to the bigger party/blog.

P1100420And if you have a party trick it’s always more interesting. So, if you have a niche subject that will help. Watch out though, try not to garble on too much about just your opinion (unless you’re the world expert on it). I mean you wouldn’t go to a party and just talk about what you think all night would you?

Feed their info hunger

It’s also a major bonus if you’re on top of what’s going on in your niche area, be the place people want to be for politics, food or car updates. At your doo you’d want to have the best cocktails, food and decor, so same with the blog….You want  to make sure you’re offering around plates and nibbles of the latest advances in your field, you don’t want your readers going hungry after all.

And another thing, always remember to offer that metaphorical online gift by linking lots to other people’s work (you can’t beat a better present blog-wise than a shed-load of new traffic), plus by doing this, you may very well link winging its way right back to you.

Phew, so preps over…get your party frock on (or fancy pajamas…whatever you blog in) and get ready for the flood load of party peeps… (courtesy of A.T). But the hard work is never over…get out there and start mingling – it’s party time!


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